Best AI Video Upscaler 2024 – Free and Paid

AI video upscaling is a game-changer in the realm of video quality enhancement. By leveraging advanced algorithms, it transforms low-resolution videos into higher quality versions, making it an invaluable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. In this article, we explore the best AI video upscalers available, both free and paid, to help you elevate your video projects effortlessly.

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Key Takeaways



Cutting-Edge Upscaling

Discover how AI dramatically transforms low-res videos into stunning high-definition content.

Navigating Free vs Paid

Uncover the hidden trade-offs between free and paid upscalers to find your ideal match.

Behind the Scenes of AI

Gain a rare glimpse into the intricate AI and machine learning processes driving video enhancement.

Choosing Wisely

Learn the crucial factors, from resolution to ease of use, that guide you to the perfect upscaler for your needs.

Best in Class Upscalers

Get the scoop on which AI upscalers lead the pack in 2024, based on expert reviews and user feedback.

The Power of Open Source

Explore how open source upscalers offer unique advantages in customization and community support.

AI Upscaling: A Look Ahead

Peek into the future of AI upscaling, from real-time processing to its expanding role in consumer tech.

Answering Your Upscaling Questions

Get straight answers to your most pressing questions about AI video upscaling in a practical, easy-to-understand way.

The Evolution of Video Upscaling Technology

Video upscaling has come a long way, evolving from basic interpolation methods to sophisticated AI-driven techniques. This journey mirrors the advancements in computational power and the refinement of machine learning algorithms, leading to today’s state-of-the-art upscalers that can enhance video quality with incredible precision.

How AI Video Upscaling Works

At its core, AI video upscaling employs artificial intelligence to analyze and upscale videos. This process involves filling in missing pixels, enhancing detail, and improving overall clarity, all achieved through complex computations and pattern recognition capabilities inherent in AI technology.

The Role of Machine Learning

Machine learning is pivotal in AI video upscaling. It allows the system to learn from a vast amount of data, understand patterns, and apply this knowledge to enhance video resolution. This learning process is continuous, making the upscaling more refined and accurate over time.

AI Algorithms in Video Enhancement

AI video upscaling uses a variety of algorithms, each designed to tackle specific aspects of video enhancement. These algorithms work in tandem to analyze each frame, enhance colors, textures, and details, resulting in a visibly superior output compared to traditional upscaling methods.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best AI Video Upscaler

When navigating the world of AI video upscalers, understanding your needs and the offerings on the market is crucial. This guide will help you make an informed decision, whether you’re a video editor, YouTuber, or broadcaster.

Key Use Cases for AI Video Upscalers

AI video upscalers serve a variety of purposes across different fields:

  • Video Editors: Enhancing video quality for professional film and TV production.
  • YouTubers: Increasing engagement by upgrading video resolution for a better viewer experience.
  • Sports Broadcasters: Enlarging highlights and slow-motion replays for clearer viewing.
  • Educators and Students: Improving the clarity of educational content for online learning platforms.

Buying Criteria for AI Video Upscalers

When choosing an AI video upscaler, consider these factors:

  • Speed: The time taken to upscale a video can vary greatly between different upscalers.
  • Pricing Models: Upscalers may offer one-time purchases, subscriptions, or free versions with limitations.
  • Format Compatibility: Ensure the upscaler supports the video formats you work with.
  • Ease-of-Use: A user-friendly interface is essential for efficient workflow.

Feature Comparison Table

Let’s compare the top AI video upscalers on key attributes:

Detailed AI Video Upscaler Comparison Table


Topaz Video Enhance AI

VideoProc Converter AI

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI


AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Max Resolution

Up to 8K

Up to 4K

Up to 8K

Up to 4K

Up to 8K

AI Model

Advanced deep learning

Basic AI upscaling

TensorFlow AI framework

Neural network-based

Neural network-based

Speed & Performance

High; requires powerful hardware

Real-time upscaling; optimized for GPU

Moderate; slower on high-res

Fast for online service

Moderate; depends on video size


Windows, Mac

Windows, Mac

Windows only

Online (browser-based)

Windows, Mac


Higher cost; subscription

More affordable; one-time fee

Monthly, yearly, or lifetime options


Various plans available

Unique Features

Superior clarity and detail enhancement

Real-time GPU optimization

DVD upscaling, comprehensive tools

Online operation, no software download

Facial feature enhancement, colorizes videos

Ideal For

High-res video projects, professional use

Budget-conscious users, real-time needs

DVD file enhancement, Windows users

Quick online upscaling, various enhancements

Facial details and colorization focus

Competitor Edge

Superior AI quality compared to others

More affordable with real-time processing

Comprehensive suite vs. others

Online ease of use vs. software installs

Specialized features not as focused in others

Best Free and Paid AI Video Upscalers – A Comprehensive Guide

Video upscaling has evolved significantly with the advent of AI technology. Choosing the best AI video upscaler involves balancing various factors like resolution enhancement, speed, ease of use, and pricing. Let’s delve into some of the top options available for both free and paid AI video upscalers, as identified by recent reviews and expert opinions.

Free and Open Source AI Video Upscalers

1. Video 2X

Ideal For: Users looking for a free and versatile solution to upscale videos.

  • Features: Advanced AI algorithms for resolution enhancement, support for various video formats.
  • Pros: Free and open-source, intuitive interface, effective for upscaling to 4K.
  • Cons: Requires powerful hardware for optimal performance, lacks some advanced features found in premium software.
  • Pricing: Completely free.

2. DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

Ideal For: Users needing to upscale digitalized DVD files.

  • Features: TensorFlow framework for 4K/8K upscaling, comprehensive suite of video processing tools including a DVD ripper.
  • Pros: Intuitive interface, suitable for beginners, high-quality upscaling.
  • Cons: Windows only, relatively slow processing, expensive.
  • Pricing: Monthly plan at $59.99, yearly at $79.99, and lifetime license at $159.99.

3. HitPaw Video Enhancer

Ideal For: Professionals looking for advanced noise reduction and artifact removal.

  • Features: 4 AI upscaling models, supports batch processing, wide format support.
  • Pros: Reduces noise and artifacts effectively, user-friendly interface, compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Cons: High cost, lacks some advanced controls.
  • Pricing: Free trial available; Mac version at $69.99/month, $109.99/year, or $349.99 lifetime; Windows version at $42.99/month, $99.99/year, or $349.99 lifetime.

4. Neural.love

Ideal For: Users seeking an online, versatile AI upscaling solution.

  • Features: Neural network-based upscaling, additional image and audio enhancement features.
  • Pros: User-friendly, online operation without software download, diverse enhancement capabilities.
  • Cons: Limited free plan features, subscription required for extensive use.
  • Pricing: Free plan with limited credits; Paid version at $30/month.

Paid AI Video Upscalers

1. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Ideal For: Beginners and users focusing on facial feature enhancement in videos.

  • Features: Upscales from SD/HD to 4K/8K, enhances brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
  • Pros: Intuitive interface, effective for enhancing video clarity.
  • Cons: Pricey, requires robust computer setup.
  • Pricing: One-month plan at $39.95, one-year at $119.95, lifetime license at $299.90.

2. VideoProc Converter AI

Ideal For: Budget-conscious users needing real-time upscaling up to 4K.

  • Features: AI-driven Super Resolution, supports various video formats, real-time upscaling.
  • Pros: Affordable, versatile, real-time GPU optimization.
  • Cons: AI features not available in Mac version.
  • Pricing: Free trial for videos under 5 minutes, unlimited access for a one-time fee of $249.

3. Topaz Video Enhance AI

Ideal For: Advanced users requiring upscaling for high-resolution videos up to 16K.

  • Features: Deep learning for upscaling, multiple models for specific video types, specialized filters.
  • Pros: High-quality upscaling, diverse AI modules for video enhancement.
  • Cons: Resource-intensive, expensive, requires high-end hardware.
  • Pricing: Free trial with watermark, one-time fee of $249 for unlimited access, or $299.99.

4. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Ideal For: Users prioritizing colorization and clarity enhancement for videos.

  • Features: Neural network-based upscaling, face detection and refinement, colorizes black-and-white videos.
  • Pros: User-friendly for beginners, effective at enhancing facial details.
  • Cons: Expensive, limited trial version.
  • Pricing: One-month plan at $39.95, one-year at $119.95, lifetime license at $299.90.

The Future of AI Video Upscaling

The horizon of AI video upscaling is expanding rapidly, heralding a future where video clarity and quality are limited only by imagination. As AI algorithms become more sophisticated, we can anticipate a leap in upscaling technology, where even low-quality footage can be transformed into ultra-high-definition experiences. Innovations in deep learning and neural networks will likely enable real-time upscaling, revolutionizing live streaming and broadcasting.

Moreover, the integration of AI upscaling in consumer electronics, such as smartphones and TVs, is poised to become standard, making high-quality video content universally accessible. This evolution will not only benefit entertainment and media but also enhance educational content, historical archiving, and security surveillance systems, showcasing the multifaceted impact of this technology.

Conclusion and Recommendations

To encapsulate, the realm of AI video upscaling is a dynamic landscape brimming with possibilities. Whether you are a professional editor, a content creator, or just a technology enthusiast, the current and emerging AI upscaling tools offer unprecedented opportunities to enhance video quality. Remember, the choice between free, paid, or open-source AI video upscalers hinges on your specific requirements, budget, and technical expertise. As we continue to witness remarkable advancements in this field, it becomes increasingly important to stay informed and adaptable.

Embracing these technological innovations can unlock new creative potentials and lead to groundbreaking results in video production. In conclusion, delve into the world of AI video upscaling with an open mind and a keen eye for the ever-evolving technological landscape, and you’ll be well-equipped to transform your videos into visually stunning masterpieces.


Q: What is the best free AI video upscaler?
A: The best free AI video upscaler as of 2024 is widely regarded to be Video2x. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and efficient upscaling capabilities, making it a top choice for those looking to enhance video quality without any cost.

Q: Do AI video upscalers work?
A: Yes, AI video upscalers effectively enhance video resolution and quality. They use advanced algorithms to fill in missing details, resulting in clearer and more defined images.

Q: How do I upscale a video using AI?
A: To upscale a video using AI, you need to select an AI upscaling software, upload your video, choose the desired resolution, and let the software process it. The AI will analyze and enhance the video’s resolution and quality automatically.

Q: What is the best video enhancer?
A: Topaz Video Enhance AI is considered one of the best video enhancers. It excels in upscaling videos up to 8K resolution and restoring low-quality footage with remarkable detail and consistency.

Q: What are my options for upscaling video?
A: Your options for upscaling video include free, paid, and open-source AI upscalers. Free options like Video2x are great for basic needs, while paid solutions like Topaz Video Enhance AI offer more advanced features. Open-source tools like Waifu2x cater to those who prefer customization.

Q: What is the best video upscaler?
A: The best video upscaler overall is Topaz Video Enhance AI, known for its powerful AI-driven capabilities, high-quality output, and ability to upscale videos up to 8K resolution.

Q: What’s the best AI Video Upscaling software?
A: The best AI Video Upscaling software for professional use is Adobe Premiere Pro’s AI upscaling feature. It integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products and offers advanced tools for high-quality video upscaling.

Q: Is there a completely free AI video upscaler?
A: Yes, Video2x is a completely free AI video upscaler that provides good upscaling capabilities without any cost. It’s a popular choice for those looking for a no-expense solution to video enhancement.

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